About us

We’re a team of four enthusiasts: James, Edward, Lucas and Emily. After living in Japan for several years, an experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating culture of manga, we decided to take our passion in a new direction. Our meeting with an exceptional blacksmith, keeper of a family forge that is over 200 years old, was the start of a unique adventure.

It was through this exchange of passions and skills that our project took root. Inspired by the epic tales of manga and armed with the unrivalled talent of our partner blacksmith, we decided to create a range of products that fused the traditional art of blacksmithing with the vibrant and dynamic world of manga. Our aim? To bring to life unique pieces that capture the spirit and imagination of the stories that have left such a lasting impression on us.

Our journey, rich in discovery and learning, reflects our commitment to quality, authenticity and innovation. Each member of our team brings their own expertise and vision to the table, helping to create exceptional products that appeal to manga fans and traditional craft enthusiasts around the world.

Join us on this adventure where past and present meet to create something unique, a tribute to the culture that has united us and to the art that inspires us every day.

At the heart of our approach is a deep-seated conviction: the importance of preserving and promoting Japanese cultural heritage through the art of traditional forging. We noticed a gap in the current market – the absence of genuine replica katanas and items dedicated to the practice of martial arts that combine authenticity, quality and accessibility. It was this realisation that forged our mission: to offer products of exceptional quality at a reasonable price, enabling everyone to connect with the spirit and tradition of bushido.


We are committed to creating faithful replicas, respecting traditional manufacturing methods to guarantee the authenticity of each piece.


Each product is the result of centuries of know-how, combining ancestral forging techniques with first-class materials to ensure uncompromising quality.


We believe that access to culture and art should not be a luxury. By offering our products at a reasonable price, we open the door to a greater number of enthusiasts and practitioners, thereby contributing to the dissemination and preservation of this exceptional culture.


We honour the richness of Japanese culture and the work of artisans by ensuring that each product is a celebration of their art and history.

Our mission is more than a business; it’s a quest for meaning, a bridge between eras that links the past to the present, the craftsman to the practitioner, history to the person who holds it in their hands. By choosing our katanas and martial arts items, you are taking part in a story of passion, respect and cultural transmission.